Saturday, March 3, 2012

How to Submit Your Blogger Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

 Adding a sitemap of your blogger website is very simple compared to adding a sitemap of a a self hosted site. But before you do this, make sure you have already added your website to Google webmasters and that your Blog feeds are enabled:

Go to your Dash board, then Settings, Click Other, Then Set "Allow Blog Feeds" to "Full"

And now, to add your site map, this all you need to do:

1. Go to Google Webmasters Website

2. Select the site which you would want to add a sitemap.

3. Click Site Configuration, Then Sitemap

4. Click "Add/Test Sitemap" on the right.

 5. Copy and paste this: atom.xml?redirect=false

6. Refresh the page and your done.

Friday, March 2, 2012


Blogging was once a "modern" way of recording and tracking your day to day activities. The term Blog was coined from the word weblog, which basically means: a log recorded on the web - not on a paper. In a blog, people can share their thoughts with other people. It introduced a new way of interacting with a wide range of audience. It also gave way to social interaction between the author and the viewers. Viewers have the capability of voicing out their opinions on the log posted. However, authors can choose whether viewers can leave a comment on their posts (logs) or not.

And that was how blogs were used in the past.

Today, blogs are not just mere online diaries, they are more widely used as a marketing tool. Merchants use them to post their products, advertise their brands, gain popularity and interact with potential clients.

Many people are already earning through this schemes. The most popular method is by registering with Google's Google Adsense. Basically, after one has been registered and accepted by Google, he/she will be allowed to post ads on his/her own website/blog. The number of ads, its sizes and where to place it are all up to site/blog owner. He/she gains revenue whenever the ads posted on his/her blog are clicked. Google shares approximately 68% of the total revenue to the blogger.

That is how the majority treats blogging now.

Today, social networking sites can be considered as the modern "old school blog"
and there are only just a few blogs remaining which retains its and original use and purpose.

How you will use blogging totally depends on you. Would you use it to share thoughts, and socialize, or use it to earn some extra cash?

Yes. Yes. You Can Make Money Online.

You unintentionally entered here maybe because you have been searching the web for phrases like "how to make money online", "home based jobs", "online writing jobs". And you have come to different websites already, offering jobs for a certain amount, which, I say, 99% of the time, is scam.

Have you ever heard of Google?

I bet you do.

How about Google Adsense?

This is serious money I'm telling you. And I'm here to share you some little tips on how to earn extra cash just by sitting comfortably at home with your feet on the couch - just by Blogging

First of all, I want to tell you that you don't have to buy a domain name if you are still not comfortable or still unsure of this thing. Just try it and there is nothing to lose. You can use blogger, just like what I am using in this site. Yeah, just look slightly upward. A little bit. Yes the adress bar. Can you see the ".blogspot" thing? that means I am using blogger. It's a free hosting service owned by Google, but the only thing is, it is just a sub-domain. But don't worry. You can still earn money using this. Let's get started, shall we?

First thing you must do is to register for a gmail account. Yes. Go to and get a free account. Next is go to and log in with the gmail account you just created. Complete your profile and create your blog. Next thing you would want to do is go to google analytics and integrate your blog with this really great and free tool to monitor your account and the traffic you are getting. And lastly make your posts on your blog and make sure you constantly update it. See to it that you do not use copyrighted materials without permission, may it be a photo, video, article or anything you can think of copying and using. Otherwise, your application may not be accepted by adsense and that's the end the line for you. You can just Google for the terms and conditions of Google Adsense and guidelines to get their approval.

After 6 months of complying with the rules of Google and Google Adsense, you can apply for an account and they will review your application. They'll take a look at your blog and do some screenings on it, and after a week, you will get an email telling you if you passed or not. Well if you passed, you can start posting ads on your site and earn money. Just a very important reminder for you: do not click your own ads. That is the easiest way to get your account disabled and banned from ad serving.

Yes. I know. I know. 6 months is simply too long. Well, just be patient and I'll come back with a tip on how to get your adsense account in just a week's time.

So.. just get started for now, and you may want bookmark this page just in case I update this, you can easily navigate back. Adios!