Friday, March 2, 2012


Blogging was once a "modern" way of recording and tracking your day to day activities. The term Blog was coined from the word weblog, which basically means: a log recorded on the web - not on a paper. In a blog, people can share their thoughts with other people. It introduced a new way of interacting with a wide range of audience. It also gave way to social interaction between the author and the viewers. Viewers have the capability of voicing out their opinions on the log posted. However, authors can choose whether viewers can leave a comment on their posts (logs) or not.

And that was how blogs were used in the past.

Today, blogs are not just mere online diaries, they are more widely used as a marketing tool. Merchants use them to post their products, advertise their brands, gain popularity and interact with potential clients.

Many people are already earning through this schemes. The most popular method is by registering with Google's Google Adsense. Basically, after one has been registered and accepted by Google, he/she will be allowed to post ads on his/her own website/blog. The number of ads, its sizes and where to place it are all up to site/blog owner. He/she gains revenue whenever the ads posted on his/her blog are clicked. Google shares approximately 68% of the total revenue to the blogger.

That is how the majority treats blogging now.

Today, social networking sites can be considered as the modern "old school blog"
and there are only just a few blogs remaining which retains its and original use and purpose.

How you will use blogging totally depends on you. Would you use it to share thoughts, and socialize, or use it to earn some extra cash?

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